Removal of abdominal tumour leads to substantial settlement for damage to femoral nerve

Our client was training to be a medical doctor when he was diagnosed with an abdominal tumour.

Our client alleged that he had not been adequately informed about the nature of the tumour, which was likely to be a benign schwannoma rather than a malignant sarcoma.

He was nevertheless advised to have aggressive surgery to remove the mass, which caused irreparable damage to his femoral nerve. This injury would have been avoided with less invasive surgery.

The femoral nerve damage led to weakness and restriction of function in our client’s leg. Whilst he was able to pursue his medical career, he had to adjust his ambition of becoming a surgeon as it was expected that his career would not progress in the way he had hoped.

The claim was strongly defended throughout; however, negotiations close to trial led to a settlement which included a significant sum in relation to future loss of earnings.

At the conclusion of the case, our client said: “You and your team were very helpful and played a huge part in changing my whole life and my family in a better way after everything that happened to me. I will never forget everything you’ve done for me and wish you all the best.”

Partner Stephanie Code led our team advising on this claim, assisted by associate Elizabeth Maloney.

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