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The treatment of cancer has advanced dramatically over recent years, with many forms of the disease now having record survival rates. The diagnosis is always devastating but detecting cancer at an early stage and prompt referral for treatment are often crucial to a successful outcome for the patient.

Delays in diagnosis do occur and our solicitors have advised in relation to many cancer compensation claims. The types of cases that we see involving a delayed diagnosis of cancer include:

  • GPs not revisiting their original diagnosis and re assessing when symptoms continue
  • failure to refer for investigations
  • referral to wrong specialists
  • delay in arranging tests / treatment
  • wrong reporting of scans or test results
  • failure to act upon abnormal test results.

Cancers vary considerably in their nature and treatment but any delay in diagnosis and treatment can be alarming for the patient and their family. Whenever delays occur, there is understandably increased anxiety and a fear of the worst.

Penningtons Manches Cooper's experienced team can advise in relation to a wide range of claims.

Recent work highlights

Substantial claim for delayed breast cancer diagnosis

Settling a substantial claim for damages for a client who suffered a delay in diagnosis of her breast cancer due to negligent errors in the interpretation of biopsies performed on abreast lump.

Fatal delay in diagnosing ovarian cancer

Achieving damages for a 42 year old woman who tragically died when a malignant ovarian cyst was not diagnosed for over eight months during which the cancer spread despite major surgery and five courses of chemotherapy.

Misdiagnosis of colorectal cancer

Winning a settlement for a husband whose wife had complained of bowel problems to her GP for nearly three years. When a diagnosis was finally made, the cancer had become widespread and tragically caused her death.

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