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Sometimes, things just don’t work out or a too-good-to-miss opportunity comes your way. Whatever the reason, our employment lawyers can help to manage your exit in as seamless and amicable manner as possible, using our reputation management skills and discretion where necessary.

If your relationship with your employer is fragile or has completely broken down, the best option for you is to instruct someone to negotiate an exit package on your behalf as it makes the whole process less hostile. Not only does this remove the stress on you but it also increases the chances of your employer engaging in negotiations.

Alternatively, your employer may have unexpectedly started discussions with you about a possible exit. This may have come as a shock to you and you will need time to come to terms with it.  We will talk you through the steps, your options and how best to conduct these potentially difficult conversations.

We will assess the circumstances of your exit, your legal rights and take into consideration the commercial and reputational risks of both parties. We will then agree a strategy with you to ensure that you are in the strongest possible position to negotiate with your employer.

Our team will consider any restrictions, including non-competes by which you may be bound, and help you negotiate either a release or a more workable solution that enables you to proceed with your career plans.

Many senior executives' employment will end as a result of a mutually agreed settlement with their employer. Exit packages can be a discreet way of leaving your employment as the settlement agreement usually contains a clause preventing either party from discussing it, an agreed reference, and internal and external announcements that can help to protect your professional reputation. You can find out more in our settlement agreement negotiations page.

Investing in professional legal advice early is a smart move as your employer’s main incentive will be to avoid a claim being brought against them. Therefore, the best time to negotiate is as soon as possible and within the time-limits for bringing your claim. Many employment claims such as unfair dismissal have very stringent time-limits such as three months.

Our employment team at Penningtons Manches Cooper can help you protect your reputation and career allowing you to move on to your next opportunity.

We offer expert advice on:

  • exit strategy options and preferred timings
  • initiating settlement agreement discussions
  • implication of non-competes, and other post-termination obligations on future plans and impact of any breaches of covenants
  • implication of your exit timeframes on salary and bonus, bonus payments and share options

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Acting for a transport executive on her exit strategy and terms including raising potential constructive dismissal and disability claims to maximise her financial terms, preserve her equity and secure her release from post-termination restrictions.

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