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Every woman at some point in her life is likely to need gynaecological care. This can be as routine as a smear test or as complex as infertility investigations or a hysterectomy. Despite how frequently women’s health issues occur, they can be very hard to discuss, particularly when complications arise leading to the possibility of a gynaecolgical negligence claim. This is where we can help.

Our lawyers have experience in dealing with these difficult issues and have ensured that many patients successfully obtain compensation. We are friendly, knowledgeable and will put you at ease so you feel comfortable speaking to us about what you have been through and exploring each step in the claims process.

During pregnancy all women should receive the highest standards of medical care. Unfortunately, not every pregnancy goes to plan and mistakes can be made by doctors, gynaecologists or midwives. We have acted for women who have faced perineal tears, mistakes in suturing tears or episiotomies, retained placentas and internal bleeding. Some of our clients have received incorrect advice on contraception, fertility treatment or the circumstances of a miscarriage or pregnancy termination. 

Other claims arise from different types of gynaecological care, including treatment for urinary incontinence or other urogynaecological symptoms, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, vaginal organ prolapse and menstrual disorders as well as hysterectomy procedures and laparoscopic surgeries. In many of the cases we have dealt with relating to urogynaecological surgery, the impact on our clients has been devastating. Frequently there has been a failure to explain the risks associated with surgery to them properly, meaning that they have been unable to give their full, informed consent. Negligent surgery has left them with urinary incontinence, abdominal and pelvic pain or unable to have sexual intercourse.

We also deal with pregnancy claims relating to stillbirths and wrongful births, which require sensitive handling. Our lawyers are experienced in advising on a wide range of birth injury and cerebral palsy cases in which there have been serious consequences for the child.

Our initial consultation in gynaecology and pregnancy claims is offered free of charge and without obligation. Funding options available to clients include no win no fee (conditional fee) agreements.

We offer expert advice on:

  • claims arising from the mismanagement of pregnancy, including the treatment of polyhydramnios
  • mismanagement of congenital defects
  • mismanagement of perineal tears and episiotomies
  • claims arising from ectopic pregnancies (salpingectomy/salpingostomy)
  • cases relating to the management of injuries following caesarean sections
  • unnecessary hysterectomy procedures
  • negligent urogynaecological surgery including treatment for uterine and vaginal prolapse, such as hysteropexy, TVT/TVTO, vaginal mesh and colporrhapy
  • cases relating to treatment for incontinence
  • cases relating to uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts
  • mismanagement of menstrual disorders such as heavy periods (menorrhagia) and endometriosis
  • cases relating to fertility investigations and IVF

Recent work highlights

£12,000 for failure to remove ectopic pregnancy

Winning £12,000 damages against the surgeon who failed to remove an ectopic foetus during surgery. Our traumatised client had to undergo a second laparoscopic procedure, leaving her with additional scars and a longer recovery period.

£50,000 for mother's incontinence

Achieving £50,000 compensation for our client who was left with permanent incontinence after the midwife failed to remove the balloon of a Foley catheter inserted during her labour causing damage to her urethra and pelvic floor.

Cerebral palsy in premature baby

Investigating the case of a baby who was born after 30 weeks, suffering cerebral palsy and associated physical and mental disabilities. His premature birth was caused by a contraceptive device negligently left in his mother throughout her pregnancy.

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