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PennSure allows me to concentrate on running my business while knowing I have appropriate protection and support when I need it.

Rupert Waldron, Director, Greenlands Grounds Maintenance
Employment Law for Businesses

Constant change in employment legislation can make it both difficult and costly for businesses to keep up to date and comply with their obligations. At Penningtons Manches, we are able to offer our clients fixed cost certainty on legal advice that is high quality as well as easily accessible.


PennHR is our pre-claim employment law retainer scheme which provides access to leading solicitors for an annual fixed cost.  It covers all your operational employment law needs prior to receipt of a solicitor’s letter intimating a claim is to be pursued.

You will have a hotline to a dedicated member of our team of employment solicitors. When you use the hotline, you will be speaking to someone you know. You will receive timely employment law advice which is commercial, practical and in line with the culture of your organisation. 

We do not tie your business into the scheme for a fixed period of time. Fees will vary dependent on the size of the organisation and claims history. PennHR is designed to meet your daily general HR needs and does not include corporate transaction support, large scale redundancy exercises and similar projects, confidentiality/covenant issues or strategic planning issues but you will of course be able to retain your dedicated adviser, should these issues arise. 


PennSure is an employment claims protection policy, arranged by regulated insurance intermediaries Arthur J Gallagher. Providing you use our employment services, this policy indemnifies your legal fees and employment tribunal awards in the event of employment-related claims against your business.

key benefits include:

PennSure provides cover up to the selected limit of liability for any one claimThe maximum limit including costs is £2 million. Unlike most other employment protection liability policies, there is no restriction on the number of claims that can be made in any one period of insurance.

Our PennHR retainer scheme is a perfect adjunct for PennSure. The agreed excess will be nil where our advice has been followed for any matter that may lead to a claim. If our advice has not been followed, then the agreed excess will apply. However, in cases where advice is not taken but the claim is successfully defended, a nil excess will also apply.

Our fees are recovered from the insurance company (Axa Insurance UK plc – which underwrites the policy) at no cost to you (other than the premium paid and any relevant excess).

Find out more:

For more information about PennHR and PennSure and to receive a no obligation quotation, contact the Penningtons Manches Cooper employment solicitor you usually deal with, or Gemma Woodhouse.

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