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Tesco warns that Bausch and Lomb contact lens solution could burn people’s eyes

Posted: 21/11/2016

One of the country’s largest supermarkets, Tesco, has issued an urgent recall notice for a contact lens solution manufactured by Bausch and Lomb, after alerts from the manufacturer stating that it may cause a “burning sensation” to people’s eyes.

In a statement released by Trading Standards (found here), Tesco said that Bausch and Lomb has identified a potential fault affecting all batch codes of the EasySept Hydro + 360ml product. The statement confirms that as a result of the fault, residual peroxide could potentially remain in the contact lens case after neutralisation and, if the residual peroxide is above product specification, a person using a contact lens stored in the case could experience burning/stinging, irritation, red eye and in rare circumstances other ‘more serious health consequences’.

The recall was announced on 14 November 2016. Tesco has confirmed that all batch codes of the product are affected and that it will issue any customers who have purchased the solution with a full refund. Bausch and Lomb has not yet released any recall notice for the product, nor has it commented on the urgent recall issued by Tesco.

Arran Macleod, a solicitor in the product liability team at Penningtons Manches, said: “It is pleasing that the retailer has acted quickly to withdraw this product from the shelves and notify customers of the potential health consequences that may be caused by using the solution. Although most injuries are not expected to be permanent, consumers may be at risk of “serious health consequences”. Neither the retailer nor Bausch and Lomb have clarified what those serious consequences may be, but it may be inferred that consumers could suffer permanent damage to their vision.

“Tesco is just one of the retailers which stock the Bausch and Lomb EasySept Hydro + 360ml product and it is disappointing that the manufacturer, having identified the problem, has not issued an immediate recall notice. We would advise anyone who has used the solution, and experienced side effects, to contact their GP for medical advice as quickly as possible. For anyone who has concerns about their vision having used the solution, we would be happy to provide advice.”

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