PennSure provides reassurance on an unrivalled range of legal and regulatory matters.


US companies can face a variety of legal and/or regulatory issues when either establishing a business operation or investing in the UK. Our US group builds strong client relationships, allowing them to navigate confidently through any UK legal concerns. We provide proactive advice and practical tools to help control potential difficulties before they arise.

As part of our service, we are proud to offer US businesses preferential access to PennSure, an annual management liability insurance product developed by Axa that gives policyholders reassurance on an unrivalled range of legal and regulatory matters in the UK for a fixed annual premium. Policyholders can receive support from our specialist teams on:

  • contract disputes
  • directors’ and shareholders’ duties
  • financial crime
  • criminal offences
  • intellectual property, data protection and cyber crime
  • human resources and employment
  • money laundering, fraud, bribery, corruption and anti-competitive practices
  • health and safety
  • waste and environmental regulations

For a summary of the UK legal and regulatory cover provided, please click here.

Key information:

For more information about PennSure and to receive a no obligation fixed cost quotation for an annual policy, contact either the Penningtons Manches Cooper solicitor you usually deal with, or Chris Syder.

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