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The MeToo movement has helped to uncover the widespread prevalence of sexual assault and harassment, especially in the workplace. This has led to a significant increase in the number of workers coming forward to raise a complaint and take legal action.

Following the MeToo movement, it has become even more important for employers to adopt a proactive and robust approach to dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace. However, many employers fail to do so effectively and, as a result, many employees - both men and women - continue to face sexual harassment.

Actions by an employee during the course of their employment will generally be deemed as acts of the employer, irrespective of whether the employer is aware of such acts. Therefore, your employer can also be held liable.

For an employee facing allegations of sexual harassment, this could cause significant and lasting career and reputational damage and must be carefully managed. Your employer must carry out a fair investigation before taking any disciplinary action against you and you have a right to be treated fairly during the process.

Employees facing a sexual harassment complaint will benefit from instructing an employment lawyer to provide guidance, as the impact on your future career or the damage to your reputation can be significant.

Whether you are lodging a complaint against someone or have had a complaint raised against you, our employment team at Penningtons Manches Cooper includes some of the region’s top-ranked employment lawyers with extensive experience of representing employees of all levels.

We offer expert advice on:

  • guiding you through the process of raising your complaint
  • advising you on the allegations, potential outcomes and strategy for managing
  • submitting your claim, the tribunal process and/or settlement negotiations
  • supporting you and guiding you through the investigation and disciplinary process

Recent work highlights

Settlement negotiation to avoid a claim

Acting for a partner on her potential claim for sex based harassment and discrimination, successfully reaching a settlement prior to issuing her claim.

Post-dismissal advice for senior executive

Advising a senior executive on the implication of his dismissal on the grounds of gross misconduct following multiple sexual harassments allegations, including advice on deferred bonus, reputational management, FCA disclosure obligations and the subsequent regulatory reference implications.

Settlement for sex discrimination

Successfully obtaining a high six-figure settlement for a senior director alleging sex discrimination against an international management company

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