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Disputes can arise in relation to the ownership of property, particularly where someone has contributed to the purchase price or mortgage of a property but is not named as a “legal owner” of the property or is named as a “legal owner” but is claiming a greater share in a property.

Alternatively, someone may believe that the owner of a property or land promised that land or property to them, they relied on that promise and, as a result, have suffered some form of loss.

Such disputes can arise during the lifetime of the legal owner of the property or after death. It may be possible to make a claim on the land so that any financial contribution made towards its purchase or any loss incurred as a result of a promise is not lost.

The action that can be taken and the eventual outcome achieved will depend on the facts of each case and the available evidence. Our team will be able to advise you on the evidence required and the merits of any such claim.

We offer expert advice on:

  • disputes about entitlement to benefit from property, where those persons may not be the same as the legal owners
  • claims that a property has been promised to a person (proprietary estoppel)
  • disputes regarding co-owners’ respective shares in a property
  • protecting property interests by entries on the title, and Land Registry proceedings for disputed entries on the title

Recent work highlights

Siblings’ property claim

Successfully defending a claim that a property left to our client by will was held on trust for the benefit of the deceased’s siblings.

Successful mediation

Advising on the defence of a claim that our clients’ property had been promised to another, and successfully mediating a resolution including a removal of the unilateral notice which had been entered on the property title.

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