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Ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgery describes a broad spectrum of treatment, including surgery involving other head and neck problems. Generally procedures are performed by consultant ENT surgeons but there is some overlap with disciplines such as neurosurgery, plastic surgery and maxillofacial surgery.

Among the most common types of ENT procedures are nasal surgery - ranging from rhinoplasty or septoplasty to treatment for nasal obstructions, removal of tonsils, and surgery to correct tinnitus or balance and vestibular disturbance. While the majority tend to be routine, as with any type of operation, there is a risk that complications may arise, resulting in long-term damage and ongoing symptoms. In some circumstances these may give rise to a claim for clinical negligence.

At Penningtons Manches Cooper, our specialist lawyers are experienced in dealing with claims resulting from errors at all stages of ENT treatment, in both NHS and private hospitals. Although most ear, nose and throat compensation claims we deal with relate to problems encountered following ENT surgery, we also assist in situations where patients have been left with ENT related injuries arising out of wider clinical negligence and personal injury claims. In a recent case, for example, we acted for a patient who was left with permanent balance problems and tinnitus as a result of a failure to monitor gentamicin levels appropriately during surgery.

Sadly, in some instances substandard treatment can result in very serious injury including disability and disfigurement. Our ENT solicitors understand that no sum of money can compensate for the difficulties patients may experience following a negligent procedure. We recognise that injuries of this type can have a significant impact on their life and will be able to work with them to ensure a claim is fully investigated and damages are secured to cover all losses that may have been incurred.

Drawing on our significant track record in this field, our solicitors aim to achieve the best possible result – both financially and in terms of clarification of what went wrong. Our initial consultation in ear, nose and throat compensation claims is offered free of charge and without obligation. Funding options available to clients include no win no fee (conditional fee) agreements.

We offer expert advice on:

  • negligent performance of nasal surgery causing permanent damage, including nasal obstruction
  • nerve damage to the face
  • failure to diagnose and treat throat / neck swellings and tumours
  • negligent treatment of inner ear problems leading to balance issues and tinnitus
  • loss of senses like smell and taste
  • failure to obtain a patient’s informed consent before surgery / treatment
  • damage to the facial or optical nerves causing facial weakness
  • failure / delay in diagnosing ENT tumours
  • failure to diagnose hearing problems leading to long-term hearing loss / deafness
  • misuse of medication, including gentamicin, causing injuries such as tinnitus and vertigo

Recent work highlights

Damages for complications following septoplasty

Obtaining compensation for a young girl who suffered a septal perforation as a result of a septoplasty procedure carried out by a private surgeon, leaving her with problems breathing through her nose and intermittent nose bleeds.

Errors by surgeon during management of throat cancer

Acting for a widow whose husband tragically died following a failure by his surgeon to discuss all the appropriate treatment options available when he was diagnosed with throat cancer and to identify the recurrence of the disease.

Serious side effects to gentamicin treatment

Pursuing a claim for a client over an alleged failure to administer gentamicin safely after cardiac surgery, leading to gentamicin toxicity and ongoing issues with balance.

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