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Chemical burns caused by wrong fluid used by GP during nail ablation procedure

We negotiated a settlement of a claim for a patient left with permanent scarring as a result of burns to his foot caused by his GP.

At his local GP surgery, our client underwent a chemical nail bed ablation in an attempt to treat his ingrown toenail. In order to sanitise the foot, the GP was supposed to use a sterilising solution before the procedure began. However, the GP mistakenly poured the acid meant to remove the nail bed, Phenol, directly onto our client’s foot instead. 

Because of this error by the GP, our client suffered a severe chemical burn to his foot, which took a  number of months to heal and required regular care and dressing. For the majority of this healing process, our client was unable to wear any footwear, which left him unable to carry out many of his day to day activities and consequently could not attend work. He has been left with long term residual scarring. 

Following a period of negotiation, a settlement was reached in our client’s favour once the case had been presented to the GP and his defence organisation.

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