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Diversity and Inclusion

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At Penningtons Manches Cooper, we acknowledge that people differ – in ways that are visible such as age, gender, ethnicity and physical appearance, as well as those that are not obvious, for example education, social background, religion, sexual orientation, personal experiences and perspectives. We believe that a diverse workforce generates vitality for our firm.

We ensure that there are equal opportunities in all stages of the recruitment process and employment. All job applicants and employees receive equal treatment regardless of age, sex, marital status, race, religion, colour, ethnic or national origins, sexual orientation or disability. We actively want to attract a vibrant and varied workforce.

We have a diversity and inclusion working group leading and implementing initiatives and addressing issues such as the provision of quality work experience to young individuals from less privileged backgrounds in the UK. It is still early days in terms of assessing the impact of such initiatives but we will continue to support them and find ways to track the progress of our firm in achieving greater diversity at all levels.

In our latest Law Society Diversity and Inclusion Charter submission, we were awarded a gold practice standard.

To view our equal opportunities and diversity policy, please click here.

Diversity statistics

By observing our diversity statistics we can track our development and establish where we are having an impact.

Some of our metrics include:

Gender profile Age profile Ethnic origin profile

Male: 32%
Female: 68%

Male: 68%
Female: 32%

Under 35: 49%
35 - 44: 28%
45 - 54: 14%
55 - 64: 6%
65 +: 3%

Minority ethnic: 11%
Non-minority ethnic: 82%
Not disclosed: 7%

(All figures as at
January 2021)

Gender pay gap report 2017

Gender pay gap report 2018

Gender pay gap report 2019

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