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Cosmetic surgery clinic closed by the CQC

Posted: 23/11/2021

The Lara Clinic, a London practice specialising in cosmetic surgery, has been closed by the CQC due to serious concerns surrounding the running of the business, including the lack of conducting risk assessments.

The clinic, based in Westminster, was run by Dr Azad Haki, a plastic surgeon specialising in breast surgery. Following a visit and review from the CQC in May 2021, it was found that the clinic ‘did not keep accurate or complete records regarding qualifications, skills, training, and experience of medical staff employed through practicing privileges. This meant we were not assured patients were safe from avoidable harm’. Staff did not keep records to show what medicines the clinic held or used, and no regular checks on these medicines were performed to ensure that they were safe for use. The practice was put on a temporary suspension in May with a list of measures to be put in place, which would allow the clinic to re-open.

Unfortunately, by the second inspection in August 2021, no measures had been implemented and the clinic was closed permanently, with Dr Haki suspended.

Within the CQC report, it was found that the clinic did not perform risk assessments prior to surgery or anaesthetic and no new procedures had been put in place to prevent post-surgical infections. Dr Haki had also been found to be washing the clinic sheets at his home address, and that there were no means by which to safely dispose- of ‘suction contents’ or clean equipment used within the surgery.

The GMC have also suspended Dr Haki’s practicing license until further notice.

At Penningtons Manches Cooper, we specialise in an array of cosmetic surgery cases including poor surgical technical, lack of consent, or post-procedure infections. Should you or anyone you know be concerned about the treatment received by Dr Haki, the Lara Clinic, or any other practice, please contact one of our team for a free, no obligation discussion.

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