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Creation Theatre offers ‘home delivery’ virtual drama club for children during lockdown

Posted: 28/05/2020

As the nation remains in lockdown and children continue to be schooled online, Creation Theatre is bringing its own brand of unique dramatics into homes across the Thames Valley and beyond via a ‘home delivery’ virtual drama club for children, which spans twelve weeks. Creation Theatre is an inventive and entertaining Oxford-based drama company that Penningtons Manches Cooper has been proud to support over the past six years, and the firm applauds this most recent initiative from the company.

The ‘home delivery’ drama club is aimed at children who are currently having to navigate the limitations posed by lockdown, such as not being able to see their friends and having limited outdoor time. With Creation Theatre, these children are able to socialise with others their age while exploring a different classical story every week through acting, storytelling and improvising alongside fantastical creatures and incredible characters brought to life by Creation Theatre actors. Each weekly workshop is one hour long and hosted over Zoom. The workshops also feature physical ‘special delivery’ parcels delivered in advance every week: these contain themed activities, games, props and challenges to be used during the sessions and to encourage the participating children to be crafty, creative and inspired.

While children learn from home, some are potentially having their exposure to the creative arts limited. Creation Theatre’s ‘home delivery’ initiative will enable them to continue their creative learning and expression with an interactive twist, which will in turn help them to develop key skills such as increased confidence, communication and literacy skills. The latest term of classes started on 11 May, but bookings are still open to join the course part way through – to find out more about the course and booking information, please click here.

Creation Theatre adapts unusual spaces all over Oxford to create unforgettable, unexpected and lively shows for family audiences: college gardens, bookshops, castles and factories have all been home to past Creation Theatre productions. The company also works with local children through its drama club. In addition to the ‘home delivery’ project, Creation Theatre has launched a digital season which will be led by its production The Time Machine. This innovative show will be broadcast on Zoom from 27 May to 21 June 2020, and tickets can be bought here.

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