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Benefit Cosmetics recalls popular beauty product amid safety fears

Posted: 02/11/2017

Benefit Cosmetics has voluntarily recalled its Gimme Brow eyebrow gel after discovering that recent batches of the product did not meet quality standards.

The popular makeup brand has issued a statement to say that the product, which is used to tint and set eyebrows in place, does not pose a risk when applied in its normal use on brows. However, the product is being recalled because if it comes into contact with the eyes, it could lead to eye irritation. For this reason, Benefit has recommended that if you have Gimme Brow eyebrow gel, then you should stop using it and return it for a refund.

Since the recall, Becky Simmonds, a marketing executive from Woking, has contacted Benefit to report that she was left struggling to see after she accidently rubbed the eyebrow gel into her left eye. She required hospital treatment but fortunately her eyesight was not damaged. Benefit has advised customers to email or call 0800 086 8204 if they have any further questions.

Elise Bevan, a solicitor in the product liability team at Penningtons Manches LLP, said: “The regulations governing the UK cosmetics industry were overhauled in 2012. The safety of all cosmetics products that now go on sale has to be assessed by a professional, specifically a person with qualifications in toxicology. Materials in products must be disclosed on an EU database and a list of banned ingredients, which absolutely cannot be used in the UK cosmetics industry, has been collated. All negative reactions to products must be reported to the authorities and this data should be made public. In general, cosmetics are a very safe product class but new research shows that health-related complaints about cosmetic products like shampoo and makeup are at an all-time high. It is always good to do your research – make sure you read and look up the ingredients listed on the makeup that you buy and, to be safe, perform a skin test before you use the product.”

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