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Serious burns following laser hair removal

Posted: 01/10/2015

The Penningtons Manches cosmetic surgery claims team is investigating a claim for a serious injury caused by laser hair removal performed at a beauty salon. A young woman decided to undergo laser hair removal on her bikini area and legs at a local clinic. When undergoing the procedure, she felt severe discomfort and burning and, soon after, developed blisters and sores. Unfortunately, she has been left with permanent scarring.

Sarah Gubbins, associate in the specialist cosmetic surgery team, commented: “This incident highlights the dangers of high-powered lasers which are used to kill hair follicles at the root. If these lasers are used on the wrong setting or applied to the skin for too long, they can cause severe burns and scarring. It is frightening to think that anyone can offer laser hair removal and that no specific training or license is required to operate this dangerous machinery.

“Health Education England is reviewing the training and qualifications for providers of non-surgical interventions including laser hair removal and we hope there will soon be better regulation in this area. In the meantime, consumers need to be aware of the risks and choose their treatment provider carefully to reduce the risks. Even then, as in the case of this unfortunate lady, things can still go wrong.

“When considering this potential case, we will need to consider why the burning occurred and to establish whether the clinic in questions holds the relevant insurance because, without that insurance, there can be limited recourse for compensation for our client.”

The team’s recent cosmetic commentary on the dangers of non-surgical cosmetic treatments with unqualified practitioners at beauty clinics can be read here.

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