Project Pictogram – nudging drivers towards safer driving habits Image

Project Pictogram – nudging drivers towards safer driving habits

Posted: 09/09/2015

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Services has recently launched Project Pictogram, the latest initiative on road safety in the local area to encourage drivers to adopt better driving habits. Project Pictogram has designed four vehicle stickers depicting the “fatal four” biggest factors in road traffic accidents – speeding, using mobile phones while driving, failing to wear a seatbelt, and drink/drug driving. 

It is hoped that these stickers will have a similar impact to the recycle logo on packaging and clothing and that they will help to alter drivers’ behaviour. 

The initiative is aimed at UK fleets and organisations, encouraging them to display the stickers on their vans, lorries and vehicles. At a cost of only £2.75 for a set, it is hoped that such organisations will support the initiative not only for the public good but also because a reduction in road traffic accidents will lead to a commercial benefit by reducing ‘lost hours’ due to traffic on the roads caused by accidents. 

William Broadbent of the Penningtons Manches personal injury team commented: “This is a very clever initiative based on the psychological ‘nudge theory’, where subtle indirect suggestions can lead to significant changes and we hope that this will be a success. 

“The important thing for ensuring success with schemes like this however is to ensure that the stickers are displayed on as many vehicles as possible and that the wider public are educated about the meaning of the symbols. It is good to see that the initiative is already endorsed by Rospa, Brake, Road Safety GB and IAM and, hopefully, this should ensure that the message is spread far and wide and that the initiative will contribute to a continuing reduction in the number of injuries and deaths caused by road traffic accidents.”

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