Personal injury team secures compensation for pedestrian hit by car Image

Personal injury team secures compensation for pedestrian hit by car

Posted: 06/05/2015

The personal injury team at Penningtons Manches has successfully negotiated a settlement for a claim against a driver for a client who suffered injury after being knocked over whilst crossing the road.

Moments before the accident occurred the claimant, a 37 year old male, had left his local supermarket in North West London and was heading home, crossing the road of a quiet residential street. He had reached the middle of the road when a vehicle suddenly turned into the road and collided with the claimant, knocking him to the ground and driving over his foot. The claimant briefly lost consciousness and sustained extensive soft tissue injuries to his neck, back, hips and legs. He has since suffered with reccurring nightmares and anxiety. At the scene of the incident, the driver initially tried to dispute responsibility but, following the instruction of Penningtons Manches, liability was admitted.

For several weeks after the accident the claimant experienced significant difficulty with his everyday life. He required time off work and assistance at home with domestic duties and was unable to take part in his regular leisure activities. Thanks to the claimant’s positive attitude and proactive approach in seeking physical therapy, he recovered from his injuries within a few months.

Charlene McAuliffe, an associate in the personal injury team who dealt with the case, said: “We were pleased to obtain a successful outcome for our client and that the insurer took a sensible approach to the matter. We are currently handling a range of cases involving collisions between cars and pedestrians and it is worrying that there are so many accidents where drivers claim not see the pedestrian in the road. We urge both drivers and pedestrians alike to watch out for other road users to make the roads a safer place for all.”

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