New photo simulation tool for prospective cosmetic surgery patients cannot be a substitute for a consultation Image

New photo simulation tool for prospective cosmetic surgery patients cannot be a substitute for a consultation

Posted: 19/01/2015

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) has given its approval to a new tool to help educate potential patients through a post-aesthetic surgery simulation. New Look Now was founded in 2011 and its before and after photo simulation tool is one of only a few select products and services to be endorsed by ASPS. Consumers simply snap a “selfie” of the area they would like to enhance, submit it confidentially to the New Look Now secure platform and, within a short period of time, receive a simulation photo of post-procedure results generated by a team of surgeons and digital artists.

There are over 200 similar tools already on the market and experts have warned against the dangers of the use of such technology, suggesting it can ‘trivialise’ the seriousness of undergoing life-changing procedures. Dr Paul Harris of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) said: "The recent introduction of morphing apps for patients to use themselves is a worrying but inevitable consequence of technological developments coupled with an apparently insatiable appetite for more cosmetic surgery. These apps give the impression that the simulated changes are easily replicated by surgery and that changing the look of a particular part of the body is as easy as turning a dial on a smartphone." 

New Look Now is distinguishable from other products as the simulations are created following rigorous oversight by a team of board certified plastic surgeons and are manipulated with existing anatomical structure in mind. New Look Now is positioned as an educational tool to help start a conversation with a surgeon about what is and is not possible with patients rather than to replace the consultation between patient and surgeon.  

Elise Bevan, a solicitor at Penningtons Manches says: “Although this before and after simulation tool goes one step further than others as the results are screened by a surgeon, I doubt if it can always accurately reflect what the outcome is likely to be and it may still create a false impression. Cosmetic surgery should not be undertaken lightly and New Look Now should not be used to substitute consultations with a surgeon on the anticipated results of any procedure and the potential risks involved.”

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