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"Hurray for the X-ray” on International Day of Radiology

Posted: 02/11/2015

On 8 November, radiographers worldwide will mark the 120th anniversary of the discovery of X-rays by Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen in 1895. In 2014, more than 120 radiology-related professional societies took part in celebrating the International Day of Radiology. 

The day is used by radiographers to highlight the vital contribution that radiography makes to modern healthcare, to increase public awareness of radiation therapy and diagnostic imaging, and to promote radiography as a career. 

The 2015 International Day of Radiology – whose banner reads "Hurray for the X-ray" - has been dedicated to paediatric imaging and "the important role that radiology plans in the detection, diagnosis and management of a wide variety of diseases affecting children, and the special treatment younger patients need." 

Paediatric imaging plays an important part in the investigations we conduct when investigating birth injury and cerebral palsy claims on behalf of our clients.  

A light-hearted comment on the website of the International Day of Radiology says: "Radiologists are not the most visible members of the healthcare team, but they are the ones who, in many cases, provide the answers about your condition. Using images produced with a variety of techniques, they can tell the exact nature and location of your fracture, whether your head has sustained any serious damage, and whether your stomach pains are due to a swollen appendix or that key you swallowed yesterday." 

The Penningtons Manches clinical negligence team recommends that even professional sword swallowers should take advice before swallowing their keys!

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