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Negligence claim for breast reduction surgery

Posted: 05/03/2014

The clinical negligence team at Penningtons Manches has been instructed by a client to investigate whether her breast reduction surgery was negligently performed. Breast reductions and breast augmentations are among the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures and we have worked on a number of these cases.

Following bariatric surgery, the client was unhappy with the appearance of her breasts which were no longer in proportion to her body. She underwent breast reduction surgery but was left with significant scarring and asymmetry. In an attempt to rectify the asymmetry, fat from a liposuction procedure was transferred into one breast but, unfortunately, it was not successful.  Our client remains extremely dissatisfied with the result and will now require further corrective surgery, possibly in the form of a breast augmentation, to improve the appearance of her breasts. 

This case is not just about whether the surgery was appropriately performed on our client but also whether she was properly advised of the risks, benefits and likely outcomes of each procedure. It is also a common example of a situation where, despite repeated procedures, someone is still unhappy with their appearance and may not have received proper advice and care prior to undertaking surgery.

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