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How to simplify EPCs

Posted: 16/04/2014

Mark Burrows, a senior associate in our real estate team, presents a brief overview of Energy Performance Ceritificates:

What transactions trigger the requirement?

  • Whenever you construct, sell, or grant a lease over a building or part of a building

Are building modifications caught?

  • Yes they can be, check with your solicitor or the property’s agent.

When does the EPC need to be done by?

  • At the earliest opportunity when the building is in the process of being offered for sale or rent.

I heard that parts of buildings were not caught by the regulations, can I avoid doing one?

  • No. The drafting error in the 2012 regulations which suggested this has been corrected.

Are there any exemptions?

  • Yes (religious buildings, holiday lets, listed buildings) for but take advice as the regulations are detailed.

It’s a waste of time, I won’t do it.

  • If you don’t comply with the regulations and are found out then you could face a fine of somewhere between £500-5000 depending on the nature of the breach.

Any other advice?

  • Check to see whether a certificate already exists
  • Find an energy assessor – click here.
  • Speak to the assessor – if you provide them with some information up front (eg- floorplans, details of central heating) then they may be able to do the report more quickly.

This article was published in Estates Gazette in April 2014.

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