Birmingham noses ahead as cosmetic surgery capital of the UK Image

Birmingham noses ahead as cosmetic surgery capital of the UK

Posted: 04/12/2014

Clinic Compare, a company that connects potential patients with cosmetic clinics in their area, has analysed the data from 60,000 plastic surgery requests to produce a cosmetic surgery map that identifies cosmetic surgery trends across the UK and the popularity of different types of cosmetic surgery around the UK.

Rank All cosmetic surgery Rhinoplasty (nose job) Weight loss surgery Breast augmentation
1 Birmingham Birmingham Birmingham Liverpool
2 Leeds Manchester Glasgow Birmingham
3 Glasgow Glasgow Leeds Leeds
4 Manchester Barnet Staffordshire Hampshire
5 Liverpool Enfield Hampshire Glasgow

Birmingham is the cosmetic capital of the UK with the highest overall number of cosmetic surgery procedures and also top of the league table for nose jobs and weight loss surgery. Liverpool fronts the breast augmentation league table while Glasgow is in the top five for all categories. 

In London, Croydon is the top location for breast augmentation and weight loss procedures, while Barnet holds the record for the highest number of nose jobs. 

Sarah Gubbins, specialist cosmetic surgery solicitor in the Penningtons Manches clinical negligence team, comments: "It is interesting to compare not only the types of procedure that are most popular but also the locations in the UK where specific cosmetic surgery procedures are favoured.  

“As these rankings are based on Clinic Compare's requests, they only cover a percentage of procedures performed in the UK. However, the sample of 60,000 requests from people using the comparison website to find local cosmetic surgeons is large enough to give a useful perspective into the current trends.”

Click here to view Clinic Compare’s full report.

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