'Barbie back' surgery set to be biggest cosmetic surgery trend of 2015 Image

‘Barbie back’ surgery set to be biggest cosmetic surgery trend of 2015

Posted: 18/12/2014

The popularity of buttock implants has grown rapidly in 2014, with curvaceous celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and the emergence of the ‘belfie’, a ‘bottom selfie’, fuelling interest in this area of the body. 

According to recent news, the ‘Barbie back’ is set to be one of 2015’s biggest cosmetic surgery trends. This cosmetic surgery procedure claims to perfectly complement a recently rounded bottom with a ‘perfectly’ sculpted back to replicate that of Barbie by removing any sign of ‘love handles’ and sometimes incorporating dimples just above the buttocks. 

Plastic surgeon Dr Mike Comins, commenting in the Telegraph, said: “Globally, aesthetic surgery of the buttocks is one of the fastest growing segments of plastic surgery, but in clinic, once you begin to look at this area you find that the back is equally important, and one fails to look good without the other.” Dr Comins has therefore developed his own treatment in anticipation of this trend which, according to the Telegraph report, removes fat and shapes the back with a hi-tech form of liposuction using ultrasound. This procedure is used to achieve the perfect v-shape in the lower back and costs £2,000.

Sarah Gubbins, specialist cosmetic surgery associate for Penningtons Manches LLP, comments “While we are used to the emergence of unusual and more extreme forms of cosmetic surgery, the continual pursuit of perfection is worrying. If having buttock implants makes people look more closely at their lower back and opt for ‘Barbie back’ surgery to complement their posterior, at what point will their search for perfection stop? 

“Surgeons should be wary of patients’ motives for undergoing surgery – particularly if they are trying to look like a plastic doll with out of proportion body dimensions - and decline to operate if they feel that the level of surgery is getting out of hand. Although the Barbie back procedure is advertised as ‘walk in, walk out’ and as being ‘less intrusive’, potential patients must remember that this does not mean the procedure is risk-free and anyone considering this type of surgery should ensure they are fully informed.”

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