Apollo Theatre ceiling collapse likely to result in substantial personal injury claims Image

Apollo Theatre ceiling collapse likely to result in substantial personal injury claims

Posted: 22/01/2014

The incident at the London Apollo Theatre in December when the ceiling collapsed during a performance of the National Theatre’s “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time” injuring a number of people is likely to result in a substantial number of personal injury claims.

At the time it was reported that 79 audience members suffered injuries, nine of them classed as “serious”. The reality is that some of those injured will not claim - either because they feel no need or wish to or because their injuries are minor and resolve quickly. However, those with longer lasting injuries and/or financial losses are starting to seek legal advice on bringing claims.

Westminster City Council’s investigation into the cause of the accident is expected to determine who - if anyone - is liable for the ceiling collapse but the results may not be published for several months.

Philippa Luscombe, head of the personal injury team at Penningtons Manches LLP, commented: “This was a very unexpected incident which was undoubtedly traumatic for those involved. Some of those injured suffered serious injuries with potentially long term effects. From enquiries made and information available, it is clear that a number of those injured in this incident are looking to pursue claims. To what extent they will be able to do so  with any success will depend on establishing why the ceiling fell in and the relative responsibilities of various parties.  One would hope that, if there has been a clear failing at some point, an early admission of liability will be made. At the moment, we are advising clients that the best way forward  is to seek advice, gather information and report potential claims”.

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