World Radiography Day commemorates the discovery of important diagnostic tool Image

World Radiography Day commemorates the discovery of important diagnostic tool

Posted: 31/10/2013

On 8 November each year, radiographers around the world commemorate the anniversary of the discovery of x-radiation by Wilhelm Roentgen in 1895 on World Radiography Day. The day is used to highlight the importance of diagnostic imaging and the key role this plays in healthcare as well as raising awareness of radiation therapy and its vital role in treating conditions such as cancer. The day is also used to promote radiography as a career.

When investigating potential clinical negligence claims, careful consideration is given to any available radiology, whether this is in the form of x-rays, CT scans or other forms of imaging such as MRI scans. This forms objective evidence of the state of play at the time the investigations were carried out - although there may be a subjective element to the interpretation of the images.

In cases where a client has suffered a brain injury causing conditions such as cerebral palsy, MRI scans of the brain are particularly important to identify the nature and likely timing of any event leading to the injury. Often clients will undergo MRI scans at the request of their treating clinicians but, if this is not the case, MRI scans may need to be specially arranged.

A few years ago, MRI scanners were only found in large hospitals and specialist centres but they are now found in many hospitals around the country and MRI scanning has become mainstream. We await the next developments in this area with interest.

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