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There is a duty on the occupiers of premises to take reasonable care to ensure the safety of visitors. They should have in place procedures to assess their premises periodically, which identify all possible hazards and whether or not they need to take action to mitigate or remove the risks they pose.

Hazards nevertheless occur and injuries may result. We pursue a large number of claims on behalf of people injured on unsafe premises. To succeed in an occupiers' liability claim, we must show that the occupiers failed in their duty to take reasonable care and that this caused the injury that was suffered.

We always tailor our advice to the circumstances of each client, addressing individual needs and concerns as they arise, whether the accident causes relatively minor injuries with symptoms that resolve fully, or has drastic and life-changing consequences for the injured person.

Our experienced team can advise in relation to a wide range of personal injury claims.

Recent work highlights

Damages for uncovered manhole accident

Settling damages of £19,000 from the employer of a security guard who fell down an uncovered manhole while patrolling his employer’s premises one evening, suffering upper limb fractures and soft tissue injuries to his whole body.

£10k for student injured by broken window

Agreeing damages for a young student resident against his landlord following a significant laceration to his wrist resulting from the unsafe state of a broken window. He required emergency surgery for complete tendon division.

Incapacity - Power of Attorney - Deputyship

Securing more than £13k in damages for a pedestrian whose elbow was fractured after being hit by a metal hoarding with such force that he was knocked to the pavement while walking past a building site.

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