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The majority of disputes … are capable of consensual settlement… all cases which can be settled should be settled.

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As part of our alternatives to court offering, our experienced team of family lawyers are now able to offer a One Couple, One Lawyer arrangement.

The One Couple, One Lawyer arrangement is a departure from the usual practice of each party instructing their own lawyer. Instead, you will both receive the benefit of legal advice from the same lawyer. One Couple, One Lawyer can be used for both financial and child related issues. Reasons for choosing it may include:

  • reduced legal costs – paying for one lawyer, not two;
  • working constructively – the arrangement is aimed at reducing conflict and acrimony;
  • efficiency and time – you both receive the benefit of the same legal advice at the same time;
  • flexibility – meetings can be arranged to suit you both, and to a timetable to which you both agree.

One Couple, One Lawyer requires a high level of co-operation, trust and agreement and an ability to communicate effectively. It is not suitable for all cases. It is an option which could be considered in the following situations:

  • you have reached an agreement between yourselves, and you are seeking legal advice to ensure that the agreement is workable and enforceable;
  • your relationship with your former partner remains amicable and you can communicate constructively with one another;
  • you wish to work together to reach an outcome which best meets your family’s future requirements;
  • you are seeking to reach a resolution which is fair to you both, and you need someone to help you understand what that might be.

One Couple, One Lawyer will be inappropriate in some cases. These include circumstances in which any concerns have been raised about domestic abuse, an imbalance of power in the relationship, or other safeguarding issues. It would also be unsuitable where there is concern about one party’s truthfulness or willingness to give full financial disclosure or where there is a very high level of conflict, serious mental health problems or substance abuse.

If One Couple, One Lawyer appeals to you, one of our specialist family lawyers will be able to talk through with you whether it would be a suitable approach in your particular circumstances. If, having spoken to one of our lawyers, One Couple, One Lawyer is not considered appropriate for you, we will be able to guide you as to the range of other options available.

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