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Upper limb amputation due to head on collision

We were instructed to advise on a case where a motorcyclist’s arm was amputated. The accident involved a car overtaking at a point where a single carriageway road split into a dual carriageway. The car driver went down the wrong side of the dual carriageway and as he collided with the oncoming motorbike, the motorcyclist’s arm became trapped in the window of the car and was torn off, leaving a short stump on the humerus bone.

Liability was admitted early on. The lack of remaining bone initially made it difficult to attach a useful prosthesis. Fortunately, our client’s shoulder only suffered soft tissue injuries and his brachial plexus was undamaged so his consultant, using the latest technology, was able to extend the length of the stump and fix a more dextrous set of prosthetic arms. 

Although he was unable to return to work as a farm mechanical engineer, our client could carry out most daily tasks on his own. He even had a special prosthesis made so that he could continue his hobby of rifle shooting. 

The case settled for a sum of over £1.2 million. 

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