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Successful claim for patient with retained wire after hip resurfacing surgery

Our client underwent a hip resurfacing procedure under the care of orthopaedic surgeon, Sarah Muirhead-Allwood, on a private basis in October 2012.

Despite being advised that the operation had been a success, our client suffered significant post-operative pain. An X-ray performed two days later revealed that a metal wire had been left in his hip during the operation and our client was informed that he would require further urgent surgery to remove the wire as there was a potential of damage being sustained to his joint. Our client underwent further surgery under general anaesthetic that evening to remove the errant wire, measuring approximately 3cm in length, from his hip.

We obtained expert orthopedic evidence confirming that it was a “well-known” risk that the braided wires/cables can fragment causing strips of wire to deposit in the wound. Our expert confirmed that, had a simple inspection and irrigation of the wound been carried out before concluding the original procedure - as it should have been given this risk) - the errant wire would have been found without difficulty and our client would not have required further surgery under general anaesthetic with the associated pain, discomfort and inconvenience. It was also determined that our client would have avoided a prolonged hospital stay and a prolonged recovery period.

We wrote to the defendant’s representatives to set out the allegations of negligence in our client's care and concurrently submitted an offer of settlement to encourage early settlement of the claim – which was accepted.

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