Settlement for young mother and teacher who sustained a brain injury and a severe psychological reaction in a three-car collision

Our client was a teacher at a primary school, where she was head of early years with plans to progress further into a management position as her career continued to flourish. One afternoon, our client was driving home when her car was hit from behind while stationary. The impact from the defendant’s vehicle caused our client’s vehicle to move forward and collide with the car in front, meaning she suffered two impacts to the head.

Our client’s symptoms did not materialise immediately, and she did not attend A&E until a few days later when, as she described, the world seemed to be covered in fog. At the hospital an MRI scan showed no organic brain injury, and she was told she had post-concussion syndrome. Our client had some minor whiplash injuries but the main difficulties she faced were in relation to her cognitive abilities. She suffered with panic, anxiety and depression (for which she required medication), memory loss, loss of processing speed, over sensitivity to light and she would become very easily overwhelmed. Neuropsychological treatment was recommended, which was difficult to obtain in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Shortly after the crash, our client found out that she was pregnant with her third child. Due to the accident she was very unwell for much of the pregnancy and faced the prospect of looking after three young children while suffering from highly debilitating symptoms. Our client was also unable to return to work full time and ultimately had to resign.

Our client initially instructed a solicitor, who could only establish the physical whiplash injury. However, when our client brought her case to Penningtons Manches Cooper, our specialist personal injury team were able to identify the full range of injuries she was suffering from, and determine how this was impacting her home and work life.

We were able to negotiate a settlement with the defendant for our client and although she remains symptomatic, the funds recovered will hopefully enable her to access the treatment she needs, and offset some of the lost earnings she has sustained, and will continue to sustain. In doing so, she can begin to progress in her new life and put the claim behind her, beginning with a recent return to working with children on a part-time basis.

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