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Law Society Intervention Panel appointment

We were delighted to be reappointed to the Law Society's Intervention Panel to act as its agents.

An intervention is when the Law Society - for reasons such as death or insolvency - decides to take over and close a firm of solicitors. In these situations, the Law Society appoints an agent to assume custody of all that practice's papers, including its files, wills and deeds, and to arrange for the return of the appropriate material to its clients.

Our intervention team has to react at short notice - sometimes only 24 hours - to organise the collection, collation and then distribution of the entire contents of a solicitors' office.

Frequently we are dealing with material that has been accumulated over lengthy periods of time and trying to track down the owners can pose interesting problems. On one occasion we came into possession of approximately 900 wills and when an initial mailshot only disposed of one third of these, we were able to persuade the local newspaper to run a story seeking the owners of the remaining 600 documents.

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