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Failure to act on suspected testicular torsion

We have acted in several cases involving the failure to investigate and diagnose testicular torsion properly. This is a relatively rare condition, normally affecting adolescents, but can sometimes affect older men and younger boys.

Our medical negligence solicitors recently settled a claim where our client, then aged 14 years, suffered a classic torsion that was not properly investigated and treated. As a result, he lost a testicle and suffered psychological damage.

In another case we recently settled, the A&E doctors involved stated that they considered torsion, but disregarded this because our client had described a minor trauma to try to explain his pain when he was first seen. Expert evidence which we obtained confirmed this should never have led the doctors to disregard torsion as the trauma was a wholly inadequate explanation for his symptoms. Any suspicion of testicular torsion, however unlikely, must always be fully investigated. This must be done urgently because there is a short window of time in which to operate effectively. Our client lost his testicle because the hospital never properly investigated and we succeeded in obtaining £20,000 compensation for him.

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