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Error on entry clearance endorsement

We have experienced occasions where an entry clearance has not been issued correctly or with an error.

Recently our client entered the UK with an entry clearance that was issued incorrectly by a British diplomatic post abroad and this was only discovered after his arrival in the UK. In such cases individuals need to go through various stages before it can be rectified. Our client was required to surrender his passport for up to one month which was not a favourable situation for him due to his desire to travel.

If this error had been spotted before our client entered the UK, the passport could have been sent back to the issuing post for correction which is normally completed within several days.

In 2010, the UK Border Agency corrected 957 entry clearances that were endorsed incorrectly. This illustrates that this is not an uncommon issue. Migrants are therefore urged to examine their entry clearance carefully before embarking on their journey to the UK in order to avoid unnecessary inconvenience.

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