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Delay in diagnosing viral meningitis

Our medical negligence solicitors are presently pursuing a claim for a client who went to her GP demonstrating clear neurological symptoms, including loss of balance, lack of co-ordination, persistent vomiting and difficulty speaking.

It is her case that the GP should have recognised these signs and referred her to hospital. Instead, he gave her an injection to try to stop her vomiting and sent her home. She drove home and awoke several hours later, her symptoms even worse, compounded by an allergic reaction to the anti-sickness drug.

She telephoned NHS Direct and was taken by ambulance to hospital, where she was investigated for her allergic reaction, which masked her neurological symptoms. Eventually she was properly diagnosed with viral meningitis. Thankfully, she has made a very good recovery, but it took several months for her fully to recover her speech and cognition.

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