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Damages for bereaved family following Italian car accident

We acted for the family of a young man tragically killed in Italy. He was a passenger in a vintage sports car which was being driven by his father. As they pulled out of a service station, another vehicle, travelling significantly over the speed limit, crashed into the side of their car, killing the passenger and injuring the father.

The public prosecutor's investigation split liability between the Italian driver of the other vehicle, on the basis that he was driving too fast, and the young man's father, for pulling out of the service station when he did. The claim was pursued in Italy against the insurers of both vehicles. We successfully recovered compensation for the physical injuries and psychological trauma sustained by the father from the third party insurers. We were also able to recover moral damages for the young man's mother and brother for the grief and emotional distress suffered as a result of the death from both insurers. The total damages recovered for the family exceeded €230,000. We were also able to recover the outlay incurred by the father's private healthcare provider.

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