Co-authoring a briefing paper on licence exemptions relating to generating and selling electricity

We recently worked with leading energy services company Switch2 to produce a briefing paper on licence exemptions for electricity generation, distribution and supply.

This work combined our expert understanding of renewables, ‘embedded’ generation and the regulated energy market. We analysed how and when the present regulatory regime provides exemptions from the need for electricity generating licences for smaller scale generation, as well as how on-site connections and power lines benefit from exemptions from the requirements for a distribution licence. In the paper, we also investigated under what circumstances the provision of power to tenants is exempt from the requirement for a supply licence.

This can be a complex area of energy regulation, but with our expert understanding of the relevant markets we were able to provide user-focused, practical advice in the briefing paper and in an associated talk to developers. The paper has provided the starting point for follow-up work which has included advising smaller-scale generators, network owners/operators and providers of power to end-users.

The briefing note is linked here.

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