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Claim for surgical errors during laparoscopic appendicectomy

We are acting on behalf of a client for the alleged failings in the care and treatment she received during her laparoscopic appendicectomy in July 2012. The day after her surgery, she experienced severe pain and discomfort and an emergency CT scan was performed, which revealed sepsis within the peritoneal cavity.

Consequently, our client was advised that she needed further, urgent surgery to treat the cause of the sepsis. She underwent open surgery during which a large midline incision was performed and investigations identified an ischaemic, perforated appendix stump.

Supportive expert evidence has been obtained and it is alleged that there were failings in the placement of the surgical clips (‘endoloops’). Had these clips been placed appropriately, the perforation and need for open surgery, with the associated scarring, would have been avoided. The case is currently proceeding down the court timetable.

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