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Claim against osteopath and radiologist for missed stress fracture

Our medical negligence solicitors are pursuing a claim against an osteopath and radiologist for failing to diagnose a stress fracture to our client's thigh bone. She suffered the fracture whilst running.

She attended an osteopath for treatment and he failed to recognise the signs of potential stress fracture or arrange further investigation. Instead he persisted in treating our client for six weeks before finally referring her for an X-ray.

The radiologist who performed that X-ray then failed to identify the possibility of stress fracture and incorrectly reported the images showed no bone injury. He also failed to advise the osteopath that an MRI scan was needed to confirm the possible stress fracture. The osteopath carried on treating our client and only when she was finally referred to an orthopaedic surgeon was MRI arranged and the fracture diagnosed, some three months after the osteopath first treated her.

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