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Award for triathlete despite driver’s denial of liability for accident

We recovered compensation for our client, a keen cyclist who was training for a competitive triathlon when hit by a car, sustaining serious injuries. He was cycling along a bus lane in South West London and was hit from behind by an approaching vehicle. He was placed in the correct position in his lane and wearing hi-vis clothing.

Our client was knocked unconscious at the scene and sustained a broken scapula, three broken ribs, fractures to the spinous processes of his vertebrae, a punctured lung, a tear to his ear, and various lacerations and bruising. He required hospital treatment and had a slow recovery during which he was unable to continue with his sporting interests. He has now made a very good recovery considering the severity of the impact and his injuries but has been left with some residual effects. 

Despite the circumstances, liability was denied by the defendant who suggested that our client moved across in front of him. Unfortunately, there were no independent witnesses but our client did have a GPS tracking watch which assisted in plotting his route and speed. We were not prepared to accept anything other than a full admission of liability and when we indicated that we would issue court proceedings, a full admission was received. Quantum investigations were concluded and we were able to secure a substantial settlement.

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