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Asphyxia and neurological damage from mismanaged labour

We are pursuing this claim, in which liability is now admitted in full, on behalf of our client who was born in December 1987, one month earlier than her due date.

The hospital was aware the child was small throughout pregnancy and was assessed on admission as lying in breech and lengthways. The labour was mismanaged and there were clear indications of problems with slow heart rate, but these were not acted on quickly enough. Our client was eventually born by emergency Caesarean section, but had by then suffered acute profound asphyxia and neurological damage.

She is diagnosed with mild dystonic athetoid cerebral palsy. Whilst her cognitive functions are largely in tact, she has significant physical disabilities, particularly with her upper limbs. She cannot eat without assistance and cannot dress herself. She has great difficulty speaking and cannot control her drooling. She has poor balance, can walk only a few hundred yards and has poor bladder control. She experiences considerable anxiety because of her disabilities for which she takes medication.

Now that liability is admitted, we are proceeding to obtain evidence of the value of her claim.

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