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Advising travel underwriters

Before leaving this country, a man travelling to the US went to an NHS hospital with a severe headache. After limited investigation, he was reasurred that his condition was not serious and discharged. He therefore continued with his holiday plans and flew to the US where he developed a full blown brain bleed resulting in neurosurgery and extensive rehabilitation. After insurers funded the medical treatment in the US, we were instructed to claim this from the NHS in the UK and recovered about $175,000.

We were instructed by another UK insurer to recover its outlay in respect of medical treatment and repatriation costs arising from a nasty accident in the US which resulted in fatal injuries. We were involved at a late stage by which time the US attorney acting for the family involved had already recovered damages of about $1 million. After negotiation, the insurer's share was agreed at around £60,000.

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