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$300,000 settlement for injured holidaymaker

Our travel group negotiated a settlement worth over $300,000 for a British woman injured while visiting friends in Florida. By bringing the claim in the USA, we secured substantially more damages than if the case had been pursued in this country.

We were instructed by legal expenses insurers after the woman had been involved in a nasty road traffic accident which resulted in the complete loss of her spleen. We were able to set up a transatlantic mediation with the claimant remaining in the UK. The settlement included a full recovery of the insurers' outlay for medical and repatriation expenses.

The case was far from straightforward with issues as to liability and quantum. In addition, the woman had made a remarkably good recovery from her injuries and was able to continue living a normal life. However, we brought the case to a successful conclusion within seven months while keeping legal costs and ancillary expenses lower than one would expect for this type of claim.

In addition to a large lump sum, the damages included a structured settlement in the US, with the claimant receiving about $1,500 per month for the next 11 years.

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