Penningtons Manches supports Meningitis Now's campaign to raise awareness of viral meningitis symptoms

Posted: 07/05/2014

Viral meningitis is an inflammation of the membranes around the brain and spinal cord caused by a virus. These membranes help to protect the brain from injury and infection. There are a number of viruses which cause viral meningitis, the most common of which are enteroviruses that live in the intestines. Other viruses include mumps and measles. Mollaret’s meningitis is a rare condition believed to be caused by infection with a member of the herpes family of viruses.

The Penningtons Manches’ clinical negligence team acts for a number of families where there has been a failure to diagnose viral meningitis and, although it is rarely life threatening, the disease can have a huge impact on a person’s life and that of their families. Thankfully a good recovery is likely but, for many, the recovery can be slow and the after-effects can be long lasting. Sufferers can be left with tiredness, headaches, memory loss and lack of concentration.

The most common cause for complaint amongst sufferers is that a diagnosis was missed or was very late. A recovery can be delayed and unnecessary injury caused due to the failure to spot and treat the disease sooner. The most common symptoms include:

  • Headache
  • Dislike of bright lights (photophobia)
  • Neck stiffness
  • Fever
  • Nausea/Vomiting
  • Rash
  • Muscle pain

The disease can affect any age group. It is more prevalent in the USA and Japan and also more likely to occur in the summer or autumn.

Please click here for a case study regarding a delay in diagnosing viral meningitis or click here for more information on Meningtiis Now's campaign.

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