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The firm teaches you key skills: attention to detail and how to work alongside partners in a commercial setting.

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      Jaya Bajaj

        First year trainee
        Departments to date: Corporate, IP, IT & commercial
        University: Surrey
        Degree: Law

 I arrive at the office and get settled for the day. I check my emails and go over my to-do list.

8.45am: I review a data processing agreement to ensure it complies with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR and data protection have been hot topics in this seat. The new legislation has stricter requirements for data processing and sharing between two parties and we often receive instructions to review contracts from a data protection perspective. I conclude that this agreement is not compliant, as many requirements of the legislation are missing. I draft an email to the partner explaining my assessment and the changes we need to request.

10.00am: Every Monday morning, the IP, IT and commercial team has a cross-office call. This is so we can discuss our whereabouts and work capacity for the week. I find the call is useful to learn about new matters and to hear about the work the whole team is involved in. 

10.45am: I am about to join one of the partners on a call with a potential new client who is interested in registering some trade marks. I briefly research the client’s business and see if it has any existing registered trade marks. 

11.00am: I join the trade marks call and take notes. The partner explains how the trade marks registration system works in different territories and the types of things you can and cannot trade mark. The client has informed us that he wishes to go away and think about which territories would be relevant for his business.

11.30am: I get back to my desk and another partner has emailed asking me to assist on a general commercial matter. A client is enquiring how and when she can terminate an existing services agreement. I review the contract and write a draft email explaining the relevant clause numbers and circumstances that will apply. I send my email to the partner for review.

1.00pm: At lunchtime on Mondays, a yoga instructor comes to the Oxford office to deliver a 45 minute session. I go to the class with some of the other trainees and associates.

2.00pm: After the yoga class, I settle down for the afternoon to write an article for the fashion, luxury and lifestyle team. A new case was recently decided regarding the data protection implications of Facebook fan pages. I read the judgment and write a first draft of the article, before sending it to the partner and associate to review.

4.00pm: I join another call with a partner and associate to take notes. This time it’s with a client who is worried that another party is infringing his copyright. The partner explains how ownership of copyright is determined and what may constitute copyright infringement. I draft a response email with our follow up advice from the call and send it to the partner to review.

5.20pm: Each fortnight, we have a life sciences knowhow session. This enables the team to discuss and stay up to date on any issues affecting the sector. I have a look at the latest sector news on Practical Law and find an interesting case. I make some notes on the outcome so I am ready to talk about it in the session tomorrow morning.

6.00pm: I write my to-do list for tomorrow, so I am well prepared and leave for the day.

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